Our mission is to enable individuals to track their valuables globally.

We have an expert team of engineers, product developers, and industry experts who hate losing people & valuables as much as you do.




Greg Pietroforte

Chief Executive Officer

Arman Afghani

Chief Technology Officer


Andrew O’Sullivan

Director of Engineering

Nano Haddad

Chief Product Officer



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Inspired by chaotic New York, designed by us, customized for you.

November 2016: Rushing through SoHo to catch a Q train at Canal Street Station. Wallet fell out of my pocket mid-stride. Never to be found again. Suddenly, Crosby was born.

From that day forward, our team became determined to create a globally trackable device that’s compact size allows it to fit anywhre.

Here we are. Working to develop products with top-tier companies to bring globally trackable wristbands and other products to market.