Our mission is to enable individuals to track their valuables globally.

Our technology’s features can be customized to fit your enterprise’s specific needs.


The User Experience.

Users can locate their devices globally on our proprietary mapping system. We customize the experience to our partner’s branding guidelines.


Desktop Display.

Web dashboards can be customized to include 1-1 tracking to address privacy concerns (i.e. only the user can locate their Crosby device), geofencing, fleet management, and multi-tracking features.


Crosby’s back-end data dashboards were developed to make it easier for your enterprise to gather, analyze, and act on location data.


Regional Analysis.

View regional location data with real-time updates to make informed operational decisions.


Real-time and historical location insights.

You identify your critical data points, and we develop back-end solutions that deliver actionable intelligence.

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Integrate Crosby solutions into your existing systems.

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Tell us about your tracking needs.