Our mission is to enable individuals to track their valuables globally.

 SafeOne is designed to keep your loved ones safe.



Know your child’s real-time location and location history. Protect against autistic eloping. Set virtual boundaries, such as schools, playgrounds, and learning centers, and be notified when your child enters / exits those boundaries.

Month+ of battery life ensures continued visibility into your child’s whereabouts.

Magnetic charging backpack & bracelet sensor.

Each SafeOne product includes a magnetic charging backpack which easily clips onto the top of the device for charging. The bracelet sensor sends a notification if the bracelet is removed.

Each feature of SafeOne was designed to address the needs of relatives and caregivers as well as those affected by these cognitive conditions.




Designed to monitor the whereabouts of your senior family members. SecureOne allows you to set geofence boundaries around common locations, you will get an alert if the watch leaves the set area. This product is designed for people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

SecureOne will be released in 2020.